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Travis & Janelle | E-Session September 29, 2008

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Alright, now here is Travis and Janelle’s sneak peek. If you missed Travis & Jeri-Lynn’s sneak peek scroll past this post!

The colors were so perfect for this session, take a look and you will see what I mean:


Travis & Jeri-Lynn | Sneak Peek

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Here is the sneak peek from last weekend!

My fav so far:

Check back later tonight for some more sneak peeks!


Darcy & Jerilyn | Maternity September 20, 2008

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Jerilyn was the second person to respond to my ad for the newborn session, and we had time to sneak in a maternity session. Here is your sneak peek:

We went for a silhouette on this one:

Their little one will be arriving soon so stay tuned for that newborn session!


Kyle & Renee | Part Two September 15, 2008

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Part two is finally here for Kyle and Renee!

Showing their true personalities:

The guys:

I love this one:

And the last one for this post (I love the vintage feel, it works well with her awesome veil!):


Warren & Laura | E-Session September 14, 2008

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Instead of doing my homework like I should be, I have been putting together Warren and Laura’s sneak peek. I’ll go straight to the pictures so I can get back to my homework.

Meet Warren and Laura:

This picture makes me think of a California beach, I’m not sure why, does anyone agree?


News September 13, 2008

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Well, I guess between school, pictures and attempting to have a life I have run myself a little ragged. I’ve currently got a head cold that is forcing me to slow down, as I find breathing a vital part of my day.

I just want to let you all know that some of the changes I have been talking about for a while are about to happen! My site may go down today or sometime in the next couple of days but watch it and my blog here for big things!

I appreciate your patience in all of this! Thank you!


Angela | Maternity September 12, 2008

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Angela is anxious for me to post more pictures, and for good reason too, her little one will be arriving shortly! If you missed the teaser, be sure to check it out!

Without further ado . . .