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New Name! October 16, 2008

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Princess Images has switched names to Chantel Klassen Photography! So you can head on in to the new site: and the new blog: I have a lot of updating to do in the next while so please be patient with me as I do that.

** Also, please note, my e-mail address NO LONGER WORKS. I should be getting a new e-mail address right away but until then you can e-mail me at: Due to this switch over I may not have received your e-mail if you sent it in the last little while, so please e-mail me again! Thank you for your understanding and patience! **


News September 13, 2008

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Well, I guess between school, pictures and attempting to have a life I have run myself a little ragged. I’ve currently got a head cold that is forcing me to slow down, as I find breathing a vital part of my day.

I just want to let you all know that some of the changes I have been talking about for a while are about to happen! My site may go down today or sometime in the next couple of days but watch it and my blog here for big things!

I appreciate your patience in all of this! Thank you!


Trash the Dress/Bridal/Day After Sessions | Book Now! August 22, 2008

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I have had some interest from brides in these sessions so I am going to give you all a few more details!

First of all, they are all open to interpretation . . .

Trash the Dress, well, you don’t actually have to trash it. If you want to trash it, I’ll definitely photograph it. If you don’t want to trash it, it is basically considered a Day After session. These sessions involve your husband and we get to go to places we never got to on your wedding date! We could go for an urban session (down town, braodway, etc), beach session (takes place down by the river, really cool to get in the water if you want to trash your dress), the possibilities are really endless. That explains TTD and Day After.

Bridal sessions are of just the bride. I know some brides like to do this prior to their wedding (often on the day they go for their hair trial), and they they frame a large picture to display at their wedding. They are also a good way to focus on you and get some pictures that you may feel too busy to get on your wedding date. If you are already married, no big deal, you can still do these after the wedding!

I hope that clears that up a little! Sessions are $300 ($200 if you were/are going to be one of my 2008 brides). Here is what comes in the session package:

* 10 – 5 x 7 prints

* 2 – 8 x 10 prints

* Session Storyboard

* Session DVD (this only includes the images I have taken, if you want to get the images I have edited onto DVD please contact me for more details)

* Online viewing gallery

If you are interested in this please contact me soon. September is almost upon us and I don’t have many dates available in September!

Here is a shot from a bridal session I did back in May:


Newborn Photography August 21, 2008

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In the next couple of weeks my wedding season will be slowing down quite a bit. I have been thinking about getting into newborn photography for quite a while now and decided that this is the perfect time!

So, to start my newborn portfolio I am looking for people who just had a baby or are due in the next while and I will be giving a way free sessions! If time allows I may even offer a free maternity session. While I know most people that frequent my blog are not in this stage of life, chances are you know someone who is, so pass it on. With a free session, what do they have to lose?

This picture of Lily was taken back in July when she was three months, she is the youngest that I have photographed to date (isn’t she adorable?):

I just also want to let everyone know that there will be some big changes coming soon so be sure to check back to see what they are!

Also, I will be starting up some contests and such soon but you have to come back to find out what I have come up with!


Retouching | Before and After July 30, 2008

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After each wedding that I shoot I spend hours editing hundreds of photos. If I was to completely edit each image from each wedding it would probably take me about 6 weeks of 40 hour weeks just to do one wedding. That is the reason that I go through the images and decide which ones to edit. Once I decide which images to edit I decide on a few that I like the best and give those some additional retouching.

The before examples here are pictures that are already edited, the after is the picture with the additional retouching. The additional retouching on these images only involves smoothing out the face and reducing the dark circles under the eyes.

I decided to start out with a picture Jared took of me about a month ago, unfortunately I can’t get very close up to this one but I think you will still be able to see the difference. I have a lot of freckles, and always have dark circles under my eyes so that is what I fixed for the after picture:

I know my face is quite far away in the picture but you should be able see that my face is smoother in the after photo, plus, less bags under my eyes! Wahoo, now if this only worked in real life!

I came across this shot of Tara from her wedding back in May, I am using it because it is a nice close up shot to show you exactly what I am talking about. You will notice there really was not that much to retouch but it does give a smoother look and I made under her eyes a little brighter.

The smoothing of the face becomes more important the bigger your prints get, of course, the bigger the print, the more you may see any kind of imperfection.

Like I mentioned before, this is not something I do on every photo or I would be doing it forever! But, if you get your prints back and there is an image that you would like additional retouching for please let me know. There will be a charge of $10 per image as it is time consuming but the results are well worth it.


Looking for Susan July 25, 2008

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I got an e-mail on Monday from a Susan asking about a wedding in May 2009, if you are reading this Susan can you please e-mail me your phone number? The e-mails I am trying to send you keep coming back. Thanks!


2009 Wedding Availability Update July 3, 2008

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I would just like to update everyone on my 2009 wedding availability . . . I have decided to accept only two weddings a month in 2009. Here is what is left:

January: Room for two more weddings

February: One more spot left

March: Two more spots

April: Two more spots

May: One more spot


July: Two more spots

August: BOOKED

September: BOOKED

October: Two more spots

November: Two more spots

December: Two more spots

As you can see 2009 is filling up pretty quickly, especially the summer, so if you are debating at all, don’t delay or your date may be gone!

Just a reminder that all 2008 brides that have getting the fondue package are receiving a free storyboard, here is the one I made for Andrew and Tara, I used the same basic layout of how I post pictures here on my blog, this storyboard will be 11 x 16.5: